A campus with a rich history in the Orchard View neighborhood of Muskegon. 


Marquette campus

From Jackson Avenue to the present.

Our Marquette Campus was formally knowing as Orchard View Congregational Church (OVCC) until 2016. It was at that time where the leadership of the two churches connected and discussed a merger. After prayer and discuss, the decision was made to make OVCC the new Marquette Campus for Olivet EFC. 

Orchard View Congregational Church has rich history in the Muskegon area, starting in 1890 on the corners  of Jackson Ave. and Marshall Ave., when it was known as Jackson Avenue Congregational Church. It was launched from the First Congregational Church of Muskegon after a Bible study from the church formed its own study, which turned into a worship service. From there, Jackson Avenue Congregational Church remained until 1964 when a plot of land was purchased on Marquette Avenue and ground was broken for a new fellowship hall. With the new location came a new name, Orchard View Congregational Church or ‘OVCC’. The location has seen many expansions and updates since the first days in 1964. It remained part of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and was known in the Muskegon area as  the Evangelical Congregational Church. These evangelical roots were a major connection point during the merger of Olivet EFC and Orchard View Congregational.