So you've been coming to church for a while...great....what's next?

Membership. It’s time to join. 

Below you will find the next steps for membership.  

It starts with an application. Take a few moments and fill out the online form. Click 'Membership Application' to get started

When filling out the application, you will be asked to sign up for a Discover Olivet course. We offer this 3 times a year at our Harvey campus.  Typically on a Monday evening and this 2 hour class begins with a pizza and salad dinner.  Let us know of any diet restrictions and we will try to accommodate!


The upcoming schedule of Discover Olivet classes are:

January 22, 2023 (after our Sunday worship service)

April 24, 2023 (5:30PM at our Harvey Campus)


So now what? You’ve filled out the application. Here’s what’s next. 

1) Attend the Discover Olivet course you signed up for

2) Membership candidates will have an Elder interview with an Elder of the church.  What will they ask? Click the button below to see the questions for the interview.

3) Elder team then approves members to present to the congregation

4) Potential members are then voted upon by the congregation at regularly scheduled congregational meetings. 

Questions? Please feel free to email us at: