Olivet EFC
Growing Deep

Olivet will be voting on a new Statement of Faith in a the near future that was drafted and approved by the Evangelical Free Church. We will be taking a look at each article in that Statement of Faith and see how it provides clarity for us in defining what we believe.

Each session will have a video and documents to download if you want to follow along. 

Article 2- The Bible

Article 3- The Human Condition

Article 4- Jesus Christ

Article 5- The Work of Christ

Article 6- The Holy Spirit

Article 7- The Church

Article 8- Christian Living

Session 9a-
Intro to Eschatology

Intro to Eschatology guide

Millard Erickson’s ‘Christian Theology’ (Amazon link)

*Please keep in mind, this is a very basic intro to some very complex concepts. Not every element or every avenue of these concepts will be covered in this session. 

Article 10- Response and Eternal Destiny